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Okay, so after another long bout of quiet, I’m back with some updates and some questions.  I’m struggling to work more on my Elaseim story and actually get the ball rolling on the main manuscript.  It’s not easy with all the major changes going on in my life right now, but I’m trying my best on such a sporadic schedule to make a random time every day to write.  It hasn’t worked out every day, so the writing is getting inconsistent, which makes me not want to write the next day or gets me caught up in editing the previous days’ writing, which is an evil cycle of hell for me.  I have an awful habit of editing while I write.  So my first question to you all is how do you break that hideous habit? What tricks can I use to keep myself from editing while the words appear, and how do I keep the stream flowing instead of editing before its even on the paper? I take forever to write because I want that perfect word sometimes, even though I know I can put that perfect word down at any time, erase or scribble and make it pretty later.  For some reason I just can’t convince myself of that while the pen is in my hand.  And as for typing the first draft, there’s a combination of my love for hand-written drafts, to see something tangible of my work, and a lack of time to boot up the computer and sit and avoid all the distractions of computer bs to get a couple pages done.  Despite the pace I have to take while writing, I still don’t type my work faster than I write it.

My other problem I run into coincides with my pace.  My brain works very fast.  I can see my whole novel finished in my mind, practically page for page, but not in the same format.  All my stories, even the little short stories I’ve written, and heck, even my poetry I can sometimes see as film playing through my head.  I don’t know how many of you have the same thing going on when you write, where your story is a movie you just watch over and over, but this is me in a nutshell, and it’s obnoxious sometimes.  I see the main fights, the first encounters that make the bulk of the movie, and I can imagine immediately how the writing will play out to show that scene to others the way I see it.  But then I realize that scene is only about 20 pages of writing, 10 or so if it’s only a low-action first encounter.  Then there’s travel sections where I know the next big scene is across the continent, but they have to get there, and perhaps it would be a good idea to introduce some other, less significant characters along the way so they can show up later without introduction, but how much time do I want to take up, and how many should I include, and is this getting too long or is it still not long enough, and… and… AND!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

So my other question for you all is how many of you have this kind of problem? Do you see your stories play out before you? When do you know that you’re writing something that is more for the big screen and not for the progression of the story? And have you ever made your story into a screenplay or vice versa because of the conflicts you come upon writing the novel? Some of my stories, like the Elaseim novel, I know will stay as novels, and perhaps someday I will expand into the world of film with them, but not before the whole story is told. But there are other stories, such as my WWII idea, which I’m now thinking is actually more meant for the theater, simply because there aren’t enough scenes to fill a book.  Perhaps I could make a novella, but even that would be stretching it a bit too far.  A nice thing about that is that I love writing screenplays, I really do.  But I’m not in the zone for it right now. That is something that I sit, I work on every night for a couple weeks, and I’m done.  I can spit out screenplays when I know what I’m doing.  Novels, for some reason, do not work that way. I have to portray all of the emotions and scenery and personality that the actor would develop for the audience in writing, because I am all the actors, the stage director, the background and makeup artists all in one as a novelist.  Knowing how seemingly easy that comes to me as a screenplay writer and then how hard it is as a novelist sets me back.  It’s even more aggravating because I haven’t written a screenplay in over a year.  Perhaps once my schedule actually becomes consistent I will make my first new project a new screenplay to get me back in the swing of things. Would anyone be interested in a screenplay from me? Anyone have any ideas on what I should write? Write some comments on your ideas of what you’d love to see and I’ll make sure you get credit for the idea. 😉 Until next time, and hopefully again with my more consistent schedule I’ll be posting and writing more often. Cheers!




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