Boat therapy

Well, I still haven’t gotten the chance to sit and write or even read much on my vacation, but it’s not so bad. There are other things that can make a person relax out here.
I never would have suspected that going out in a boat on the bay would be the answer for me. Considering I have a fear of drowning, since I can’t float for beans and have never had swimming lessons, this wouldn’t seem to be a good match. But by god, once we started to move out into that open water, it was magic. The smooth, subtle bounce of the waves, the roaring continuous thunder of the air flying by. Even in the rougher water, there was just nothing that could wipe the smile from my face. It was the perfect moment, a touch of fear with a bucket of exhilaration pouring over me. Its been a long time since I could just leave everything behind and get completely caught up in the moment, black out in the high of whatever I’m experiencing.  It was beyond refreshing, and I can’t wait to try it again. A week of vacation can be a nice thing, but that kind of therapy doesn’t come so easily. I couldn’t be more happy with my life.


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