A tip for boyfriends: Dump Dat Ass

So I’m on vacation for the week, hence the silence for  the past few days.  I’m hoping to get a little chapter work done with my Elaseim story this time around, but we’ll see how inspiring OC can be for a fantasy novel.

I do have a little advice for the world of men.  Now I haven’t been on vacation for very long, but there is something that always seems to come up while the boyfriend and I are away from home.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the worst of situations, but its something that all men must come to terms with about their women, and you boys might as well learn now.

When your woman says, “Go ahead, have fun!  That’s not my thing, but I want you to enjoy yourself. Go for it! I’ll chill here.”  Always assume she means it.

Now I know what you all are going to start screaming.  “But when I do go enjoy myself I get back to them bitching at me that I wasn’t considerate of their feelings or they were kidding or I’m an ass for leaving them for 5 minutes to go enjoy myself without them, blah blah blah.”  Well, here’s the thing. The girl that has a fit at you for doing what she told you to do IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!  She is a selfish, sadistic bitch. Dump her. Now. You do not want to waste years of your life being wrong no matter what you do.  If you do what she says, you’re a horrible, selfish person.  If you don’t do what she says, you’re calling her a bitch with your obedience because she told you not to have fun.  Why do you want dat ass? I don’t care how hot she is, the mental stress is never worth it.  I am one of those women who means what I say.  If you have fun swimming and I have a phobia of drowning, I’m going to tell you to go swim.  I’ll chill by the pool, take a nap, read an book, and watch you have a blast, and be happy by seeing you happy.  It’s the way the world of good relationships is supposed to work, and it’s great.  Everyone’s happy, no one is stressed.

A slight detour of this subject is this, and it may be more important.  It’s okay to try and inch your woman into trying new things, doing the daring do with you that she says she doesn’t want.  But you MUST LEARN where her no-fly zone lies.  At some point, she will not budge, and when you cross that line she will get defensive and she will get angry.  I speak from experience.   If she’s not a bitch, she will not hate you forever for it, just for a few minutes to hours.  But bitches will hold a grudge, and this is another way to indicate when you need to dump dat ass.  Test your girl, if she doesn’t hold it against you or over your head, you can subtly learn her breaking point and steer clear.

This has been a public service announcement.  Thank you. 😀




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