Regrets and Amends

Okay, once again I know, you all hate my guts.  *extended arms for stoning*

Lets start with the regrets.  I don’t know why I’ve fallen into this non-posting rut.  I think it just happens every couple months, no matter what I’m up to, and it makes me sick.  I need writing buddies to yell at me to write more!  But don’t get too mad, I have been writing, just not blogging it all.  So here is to amends.

My Apocalypse Today!…and Tomorrow! prompt is not going the way I expected.  I have started at least 6 short stories and just cannot get into any of them, mainly because I am realizing that they are actually just novelizations of apocalypse stories I already know.  They are nothing new, and that just seems silly.  So I have a new proposal, which I suggested a couple blogs ago.  I have been reading up on JJ Harkin’s second novel of his Angels of Apocalypse series, Abominations (which you should totally go check out on Amazon), and it has gotten me in the mood not only for the Apocalypse theme, but for novel writing again.  And since I have a very long-running project for an Apocalypse novel already, why not catch up on it?  I am going to attempt (if I can get the gumption and if this post doesn’t jinx my momentum) to get some chapters popped out for that project and see how far I can get.  I have quite a few sections started, but no chapters finished.  As a spur on, I have posted the beginning of the first chapter on Goodreads for your enjoyment.  It is short and sweet, just scene and character description so far, but the action is about to start.  And by action, I mean gods trying to kill each other, so yeah, be ready for that.  I have no title, not even a working title, for this story yet.  I do, however, have a commissioned illustration, which I posted quite a while back, but thought I’d share again with you all.

The first chapter does not include sweet little Aisha, but Anubis is all over it.  I would greatly appreciate any feedback people are willing to give me on my narration style for this one.  It is simple 3rd person om, and I really enjoy the voice I’ve put into it, but if no one else likes it there’s no point in continuing with it.  So please, as always, read and comment either on Goodreads or here.  I will post any updates on the book here if anyone is following and wants to know.  Thanks again everyone, and sorry again for all the quietness.  Cheers to all!


~S. Virginia


4 thoughts on “Regrets and Amends

  1. Seeing your illustration above informs me that we REALLY are kindred spirits as far as our literary interests are concerned. You won’t believe what I’ve got planned for you when you read “Apotheosis.” Hope I finish it before the year is out…

    Yes, you should definitely do something with your apocalyptic story. I’m gonna go look for the sample chapter you talked about.

    • 😀 Reading your first two books makes me think the same. Mine is much more straight-forward to the Apocalypse climax itself than yours, but that’s just the way the storyline has developed for me. I’m still working out relationships and event kinks, though. Hopefully working on it more will help smooth it all out as I write. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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