I found another writing challenge lover! This time it’s Dietrich Stogner, and I’m thinking he has a better idea about what time frame to give himself. I like the idea of going for publish-quality, especially if I can put them all together in one collection at the end, depending on how many actually turn out reasonably good. So let’s give Dietrich some support and see if I can’t keep up with him in my own Apocalypse writing project for the year.
Speaking of which, sorry I haven’t gotten anything out to you all yet. The day after I made my Apocalypse post, my world started to freak out. I haven’t had the time to think about writing, let alone actually write. Hopefully in the next couple days things will chill out. Until then! Cheers!

~S. Virginia Gray

Dietrich Stogner

2011 was an amazing year for me.  I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University and successfully published my first book.  When I rang in the New Year, it was with a fair amount of confidence that 2012 would be a banner year as well.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always cooperate with our ideal scenarios. I began my job hunt optimistically, but that optimism quickly began to fade after January flowed into February, and I saw President’s Day and Easter disappear in the rearview mirror.  I was in a special void, where I was either told that I didn’t have enough experience, or that I was overqualified.  My enthusiasm faded as my desperation grew.

Set against the background of my job hunt was my writing.  While 72 Hours didn’t burn up the sales charts, it was well received, and I still feel that it’s just the beginning of what I would…

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