Inching out on the limb…OF THE APOCALYPSE!

Okay, so on my first note, so I don’t forget to say, I will not be releasing my short story to you all just yet.  Not even a sneak peek.  Sorry guys!  But the risk of judges accidentally finding my blog and reading it is too great in the wide world of webspace.  SO! Instead I will be posting a really long section for String Warping for Homosexuals, which will not hold to the usual flash fiction style.  You’ll actually get a look at Luke and Rog for more than 200 word-seconds! YAY!

And now to the title of this blog, which I’m sure you all are spitting at me for, either because you think it’s going to happen and your paranoid/terrified or you don’t think it’s going to happen but you think I do and you are mad that I could be so gullible as to believe it.  As for that, no I don’t think it’s going to happen, but the lolz will ensue heartily, let me tell you.  No, but I can have some fun with the concept, can’t I?  I’ve been wondering what my next small project would be, since my time travel work is finished (for now).  As a result, I come to you with a proposition.

I’m going to start a project: Apocalypse Today!…and Tomorrow!  (working title; I know it’s weird, it’s off the cuff lol)  This is going to be just as the title suggests.  I am going to write a story, mostly like flash fiction style, every day.  Each story will be a reflection of the last day, December 20th, 2012.  It may be some people partying til they puke, or people huddled in a basement in terror. (SPOILERS!)  Every day will be new characters, new stories, and tons of fun.  Sometimes I may have a longer story going at the same time, possibly as a weekend special, but only from time to time.  It will be a fun exercise and will keep me writing and you reading! 😀

In fact, I’d even like to make this a challenge for all you writers out there following.  Let’s make this a big project, maybe even compile a collection of our best pieces for publication.  Share the Apocalypse Today!.. and Tomorrow! idea on your own blogs, share on Twitter and whatnot.  It doesn’t have to be once a day, although I’m going to attempt holding to that.  It could be one short story a week, or even poems instead of stories.  I may take that up myself.  Point being, this can be a great writing exercise for the masses and I think it could really kick off!  Now I’m not on a story yet.  I may wait a couple days to see who else may be interested.  But rest assured this project will happen.  For all I know I’ll have a brain ‘splody and write a story for you tonight!  This will also be a new Category (to your right), so you can see what my progress is doing.  Each story will be numbered and titled.

So get ready for some wacky stories and prep yourselves to write some too!  Let me know what you think of this idea or other stipulations I could include.  If you have an idea for an pre-apocalypse story but don’t really want to write it, tell me details and I’ll write it for you! (with credit to you, of course)  I’m really pumped to try this out and see what interest we can get on this.  Be comment crazy!  I want to know what you think!  And cheers everyone!


~S. Virginia Gray


2 thoughts on “Inching out on the limb…OF THE APOCALYPSE!

  1. I just want you to do a story about violent cattle taking over the northeastern section of America in early December 2012. Somehow they create a weapon by doomsday, paying back all of humankind for our ghastly, hamburger-loving crimes. Then the world is ruled by the Cowlords for a millenium, when Darth Moool finally awakes from his unholy rest. You get the idea.

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