I’ve found my twin!

Yes, people, there is another me in the world, and her name is Anjana Vasan.  And she is so awesome!  I was once again browsing around the Twitter-verse, checking out my fellow Twits followers and discovered a review blogger who made it a point to express her love for Dragon Ball Z in her description.  I’m in love. (not really, don’t freak out)  But come on!  A reader, reviewer, and DBZ lover in one?  How can it get any better!

And her reviews are just fabulous!  And by that, I mean she’s honest.  In her blog, Kindle and Me, Anjana is not afraid to tell it how she sees it, and it is a great relief.  She also has an extensive field of genres she reviews, which cannot be said about most reviewers I’ve found.  It’s not just romances or paranormal.  This girl loves it all and reads it all.  Most reviewers I’ve seen, especially ones who have been around as long as Anjana, settle into a particular genre after a little while and end up with a stock pile of that genre and nothing else.  To a point, that is good for people who do stick with one genre.  They have a one-stop-shop for their romances and that is it.  But for those of us who live for sci-fi one day and fantasy another, we have to find a whole list of reviewers to pick and choose from.  Anjana is the one-stop-shop for the everything-reader.  She does have a couple small exceptions, but who doesn’t?  And I would probably have the same exceptions, just to avoid the excess arguments that would arise from those particular genres.  Her review rating system is simple and fun, a basic 5-star system, but with prettier colors.  😉  And as you can see from the last link, she puts her style forward and in plain sight.  If you want a review, you know what to expect from her.

I just can’t get enough of this blog!  She also has an extensive Goodreads page and a Twitter (as do we all).  If I keep talking about Kindle and Me I’m going to be here for an hour, so I’ll leave you all to check her out for yourselves.  Enjoy and cheers!  I’ll have more for you tonight or tomorrow. 😉


~S. Virginia Gray


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