My story!… and the Horrors of StumbleUpon

Good morning, Starshines!  Virginia says what’s up?  🙂  Okay, so with a whole day off today, I will definitely have my short story finishing with plenty of time to submit to Masquerade Crew’s Writing Contest!  Again, if you haven’t gotten a look at the contest, it is a very basic writing prompt, you still have until the 15th of April to submit, and there are cash prizes!  More importantly, all submissions will also be considered for publication by the Crew, so it’s all win win!  There is one catch to my mentioning the contest and the fact I will be done the story today.  I will not be posting the story here.  I went ahead and asked to make sure it would be okay, and for the sake of the judges, Mark, the head of Masquerade, advised I should keep it strictly for the contest eyes until after the judging is complete.  Completely fair judgment, and it’s why I asked at all.  So I’m sorry for all the hype I’ve on about with my story.  I really can’t wait to share it with you all.  It will have to be posted on Goodreads, since it is at least 5000 words, and I promise it will be posted.  It’s just going to be a while.  But no worries! I’ll have some other fun things for you all in the interim!

Like this!!! Okay, this has a little story behind it, so let me start at the beginning.  All was dark, but then this little dot appeared, sat for a bit, and then EXPLODED!… wait, too far back.  Okay, I was just starting out at my four-year as a junior. (Community college rocks, don’t ever let anyone tell you different.)  My boyfriend, the most awesome guy in the freakin’ world, built me a desktop as a present, and I was off into the interwebz.  I stumbled upon a little website called… StumbleUpon, and was hooked.  It was great!  A subject-focused browsing site that takes you right to the site, so even if the link may not look catching on Google, it may hold a gem you’ll just love!  And I can even strictly look for writing sites! 😀  So weeks go by and there I am, still Stumbling around the virtual world and loving every minute of it, when suddenly! *pthdt* Computer crashes, and I have the second biggest virus package the web has to offer at the moment.  Complete re-installation of my OS and StumbleUpon can now go suck it.  The worst part of this?  They still have the same problems.  StumbleUpon, although an awesome idea, and I mean REALLY awesome, they have no virus filter and no site filter to stop you from just poofing to a whore house for viruses.  It has been that way from the beginning, and it’s why StumbleUpon never caught on as much as it should have.

However there is a shining diamond from this rough of virus mayhem.  Before I caught the virtual plague, I discovered a man and his plot generator.  His name is Andrew Bosley, and not only is he a magnificent artist, he is also the creator of the Brainstormer.  This is by far one of my favorite things on the web, even over WordPress and How can you say no to this awesome generator layout!  And it can work for anything!  Need a short story? Click the plane and go.  Need a screenplay?  Click until you get a good set idea and just go with the rest.  Need a challenge?  Write a haiku, each line must refer to one of the three subjects you spin.  Trust me, that one can be a doozy!  Well, I used to have the link for the Brainstormer as a favorite, but after some more computer mishaps, I lost all my favorites and since it had been a while since I had been to the site, I could not for the life of me remember what it was called or who had made it!  But while writing the first section of this blog, I went hunting, and tah dah!  I found it!  And I had to share it with you all, it’s just such an amazing writing tool.  I can’t tell you how many times it had got me out of a writer’s block moment.  So have fun, enjoy, and maybe share your really good spins with me on here!

Now I know I haven’t had any String Warping for Homosexuals posts lately, and I’m sorry for that.  I just haven’t had time with working on the short story and getting work done on my Elaseim project.  I will try to get a post up for Luke and Rog sometime soon.  If anyone has ideas of where they could go or who they could run into, by all means drop me a comment.  I can think of plenty of things, but it’s fun to get ideas from outside my head.  Anyway, I have breakfast to eat and things to do.  Have to decide where to get my new betta fish.  Cheers, all.

~S. Virginia Gray


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