Such a delay, but I’ve brought CAKE!

Well, I just went browsing through the ol’ blog and realized I haven’t posted in FOREVER! I am ashamed, I offer myself to the stoning. *spreads arms wide*

No, not really, but angry comments will be welcomed for my negligence.  So here’s some news of the day!

I have slightly helped to make the most fabulous three-layer chocolate cake with my best friend for Easter.  It is a tower of dark brown, sugary goodness.  It has a delightful peanut butter filling, originally meant as a meringue but with the thickness of the peanut butter became more of a fudge.  The cake itself is a coffee vanilla chocolate cake, with home-made vanilla extract.  The icing is a traditional (also home-made) chocolate icing, made with Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Bitter-Sweet Dark Chocolate Pieces.  The salty sweet of the peanut butter, the bitter sweet of the icing and the just all-out sweet of the cake is going to come together in the magnificence that true chocolate/peanut butter cakes are meant to be.  I CAN’T WAIT FOR EASTER!

Now for actual writing news!  I have been making great strides in the storyline for the Elaseim project!  If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out the background chapters, here is a link to my Goodreads ‘book’ with all you need!  I’m really excited to say I believe I have the whole project finally completely planned out.  It’s a matter of getting it all out of my head and onto paper!  I love being able to say that.  I am still having trouble with the title, not that I’m worried in any way about it.  I have a ways to go with writing and editing before I really need to worry about it, but it would be a nice thing to have prepared.  Anyone who reads the history chapters and has an idea about a possible title, leave a comment with the title and why you think it would work, I would really appreciate it. 🙂

In other other news!  I still haven’t finished the short story and I’m running out of time!  I’m vowing to you all! I will get it done by this coming Wednesday and it will be posted promptly!  Don’t let me back down on this, guys!  I want to enter this and get it done!

And with that I have to get ready for work. -.- Thanks all for sticking around despite the respite.  New post for String Warping for Homosexuals will be up soon!  Cheers!

~S. Virginia Gray


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