Don’t.. don’t bother me… I’m writing…

Okay, sorry all for the quiet me.  I’ve had a great and calming weekend which didn’t last long enough.  And this morning I managed over 2000 words of my short story for Masquerade Crew’s writing contest! If you didn’t get a good look on the last post, here’s a link for you all!  If you check the last post, I have a few of my own conditions if you want more restrictions/challenges with the prompt.  I’m not using any of them myself, but I believe I’m going to try and use each for my next String Warping for Homosexuals posts!  For this one, we’re going with the first prompt, “A random animal (pet, wild or otherwise) goes with them to the future.” Or in this case, to another universe.  Let’s see what happens when a foaming monkey manages to hitch a ride!

The foamy bubbles of the monkey’s coat were everywhere.  And Luke did not approve.

“If this shit stains, I swear to God, Rog, I’ll kill it!”

Rog couldn’t help but let out a sigh as he watched the odd primate bound up the nearest tree.  Damn that Flambo’s hearing.  “And what is that supposed to me, hm?!”

“Luke, I thought you were a vegan.  No killing other animals for any reason, right?”

“Oh Rog,” came his companion’s flitting voice, “That only applies to our universe.  I reserve the right to kill anything outside my own universe, and that damned monkey is dead! Once I get this shirt off.”

With that, Luke promptly began to strip his white blouse, and Rog decided it best to check their surroundings.  Despite the quaintness of this seemingly peaceful valley they had found themselves in, it just felt off.  And then he realized it was a good thing those foaming monkeys were apparently mute.  Because aside from Luke’s under-breath curses at the filmy monkey suds keeping him from working his buttons, there was not another sound in the air.  This place, wherever it was they were now, was completely soundless.

Oooo!!!! Yeah, I have no idea.  I hate silence, and a place that is completely quiet like this would just freak me the hell out.  I’d be talking to myself in screams and blaring music like crazy. (actually I wouldn’t be doing much different… hmm)  If I ever go deaf, shoot me in the head.  I’ll be happier for it.  I’d rather be blind.  At least I can imagine images, but sound, forget it.  Anyway, that’s all for tonight me thinks.  I should have my short story finished by Thursday night.  Hoping I get the time to work on it the next couple nights and get it out.  Comments will be extremely needed for that one, so keep your eyes pealed!  Until then!


~S. Virginia


OH! PS!!!! I did some edit review work for my friend J.J. Harkin and his book Angels of Apocalypse Part 1: Alignment.  Check it out, it was a great read.  I’ve heard from very powerful sources (aka the author :D) that the second book will be coming out on Amazon in the next few weeks.  Look for an update on that and possibly a full-on book review.  (If I have the time. I will most likely write one eventually, just don’t know how soon I can hit it in.)  Okay, sleepy time, early day at work tomorrow. Bye everyone!


2 thoughts on “Don’t.. don’t bother me… I’m writing…

    • lol I’ll just have to put them in a world where Luke doesn’t mind to shop. I was thinking of finding a more civilized place with real toilets for them soon. ^_^ Might be a little bit before that though, I’m maxed out until Monday. O_O Busy life is busy. 😀

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