This is becoming an experiment, soooooo

Hello again all, and welcome to the experiment!

My post entitled String Warping for Homosexuals was the most successful post I have done so far.  And I loved the flash fiction style I had to use for the story.  (By the way, if you did enjoy, be sure to vote for Rog and Luke, number 91 on the list at the bottom of the post.)  Because of all the positive interest in this little piece, as well as quite a few inquiries into expanding the story, I’m going to try something different.  For each post I make for the next week or so, I’m going to post flash fiction storyline updates on Rog and Luke.  This will follow the same constraint of 200 words or less per installment.  Also, if anyone follows and thinks of a willy prompt to give me for the next installment, please fell free to drop a comment.  I may include prompts of my own.   They will not be chronological, just little flash excerpts of their travels.  We’ll see how it goes from there.  For now here the newest installment of String Warping for Homosexuals.

Counting to Luke’s raspy snores echoing out the oceanfront cave, Rog figured it had been at least 30 hours since he had last slept.  Another six most likely before he had to fight an hour to get any.  God forbid he as his ADD tag-a-long to play lookout for an hour or two.  A long-withheld snore burst through the cave air, almost startling him right over the edge.  Even in REM, Luke managed to annoy him.

But at least they had finally lost their hunters.  It was the best word Rog could think to describe this situation.  These people were out to kill, and he had no idea why.  That’s how prey feels, doesn’t it?  No questions, just dodge and run.  The arrowhead in his thigh was a testament to that.  At least it didn’t hit his knee, or he wouldn’t have even gotten this far.

“Get off him, bitch! That’s my Marmalade Man!” Rog glared back into the cave at Luke splayed on the floor.  Yep, even in REM.

Sorry there’s not much plot development in this one.  Next post will have some expansion, I promise!

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