String Warping for Homosexuals

PLEASE do not be offended by the title.  God knows it’s not meant to be rude.

So I found a great writing prompt through a tweet, the original location found here.  I decided to give it a whack, and could you imagine? I’m really liking this silly little clip.  This is usually what happens with me and prompts, instead of making a story, I make a teaser.  Which means I’ll have to continue it sometime, which is even better!   So here is my entry, a compilation of all the prompts in 200 or less words.

            The pain shooting up his leg caught in his throat to the footfalls of a child overhead.  Distant, foreign voices called the footsteps back across the concrete, a chain of giggles fading off after.

“Oh, quit being so up-tight.  You didn’t get me killed, focus on that.”

Luke was still with him. Wonderful.  An arrowhead in his knee and he would still have to put up with the nagger.

“Are you going to get up? Because I am not getting blood on this shirt.  I nearly screamed when we landed in a pile of garbage and snotty kids that last warp.”

“Those kids were homeless and starving, Luke. Can’t you have any sympathy?”

Luke gave him that wicked look as he ripped his pants farther from his wound.

“Sympathy? Rog, you invited me on a simple string jump to hit on the president of Scotland.  We are now on our eighteenth string, one of which had too many wet pears and spooning even for me, no home in sight and some random group of medieval-minded warpers trying to kill us because you forgot to save our home coordinates.  I believe I’m the one in need of sympathy.”

Feedback, as always, very appreciated.  And if you really enjoy the story, please vote for it on the link! I’m number 91!

~S. Virginia


15 thoughts on “String Warping for Homosexuals

    • Actually, I think your post was what originally got my interest! I love the how the last line ties it together. History reference like that just makes me smile. 🙂 And yeah, I got 4 of them and just said, “You know what? I can get them all in there.” So I did. 😀

    • Thank you! I actually don’t know yet. Most of my stories are very planned out but this was very quick and spontaneous thanks to the prompt, so I think I’ll let the whole story be that way and see where they go. 🙂

  1. Way to hit several prompts! It’s a good scene that introduces us to these characters. Understandably a lot is told since it was such a small amount of space and such, but should you elongate the piece into something larger I’d definitely want to see a bit more of the frustration rather than be told it in the end. I really enjoyed the plotting and dialogue between the two.

    Take care!
    Jenn (entry #84)

    • Thank you very much for the kind words! I was really proud to hit all the prompts in one go. I was concerned about the dialogue clumped at the end, but by the time I was there I decided it was more of a teaser than a story all its own, and if I expand on it I can thin it out then. 🙂

  2. Well done on getting all the prompts (no problem with the title – I like it). Yes I think Luke does deserve all the sympathy if Rog has forgotten the coordinates (tsk). President of Scotland!!!

  3. This was so fun to read and I like your take on the prompts. I also enjoyed the dialogue and Luke sounds like a fun character to get to know. (:

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