Chapter 2 & The Importance of Compromise

Well everyone, I’ve decided to post the next chapter already!  See the link at the end of the post!

This second chapter focuses on the natural leadership of the Elaseim, how their position as mediators of Adalan Eu brings a true balance among the other creatures.  There are conflicts that may occur under the Elaseim, but this is usually a result of impatience on the other creatures’ part.  The Captains have to be told there is a conflict and be given the chance to come and discuss the problem with those creatures.  In the event that conflict does occur before the Captains arrive, the Guard (Rana and Kido) will step in to separate the conflict so the Captains can do their work.

At the core of this story is the idea of a lack of religion.  I say this because, as I have mentioned before, the Sedar is NOT a god.  It is simply an entity, not meant to be a focal point of the creatures’ lives.  It does not exist after the creation of the creatures, and so there is nothing to worship.  Religion (as I personally view it) is a created as  a comfort mechanism, something to look forward to because we cannot make ourselves completely confident in our own lives, let alone completely happy with our lives.  Having the creature balance within them allows the creatures of Adalan Eu to compromise instead of fight, as a survival mechanism that avoids injury in fighting with each other.  They are set on Adalan Eu to make their own purpose, live their lives just for the sake of accomplishing the simple things in life, being happy, making others happy, creating children to continue their race and continue the peaceful way of the world.

Enough rambling on then, time for BIG LINK!  I hope you all enjoy, and as always please leave feedback.  Anything and everything is good for me.  Cheers!


~S. Virginia



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