A great improvement! And on later posts

Well, my last post was a bit a lengthy one, but I have come to a great solution!  In trying to read up on a fellow novelist-in-progress’s writing, I found that he had used Goodreads to post his work, and not just a full book in e-format on the site.  Come to find out, if you go digging, there is a very small link called ‘my writing’ which lets you post any kind of writing of your own that you want.  Fan fictions are welcome, as well as poetry, short stories, and even chapters to progressive novels.  You can post the whole book in chapter installments, which as you could imagine is right up my alley!  I have already posted the first chapter from yesterday on my new Goodreads writing list.  I think I will go ahead and post the second chapter sometime either tonight or tomorrow morning. I also have a chapbook in the works currently, which I may be posting on CreateSpace for either $0.49 or $0.99  More updates on that later as well.

As for my posts here, I plan on doing small bios and descriptions that will coincide with the chapters I post on Goodreads.  In addition, I hope to take some time every once in a while to work on my other novel projects, and will include updates on those also.  Until then cheers and thank you all for your support and feedback!


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