The Souls’ Chant: Our Mark on Adalan Eu

“It is not to dust that we are returning,

but to waters rushing and earthen stone.

And we will remain in a comfort, longing

for another creature to call this place home;

to wander the fields and bask in golden,

summer days; to rush beneath spread leaves, finding

shelter from the coming rains.  Snow laden

forests and vast deserts have been waiting,

pining for the feel of footsteps once again.

The call of the world has become our own

as we have become the voice of its pain.

Hear us and make us less alone.

For we are the creatures who roamed this land,

and held the delusion we could possess

the heart of this world, which remains unmanned.

And now we are one with the rivers and grass.

Come, live, and love this beauty of a world

as we had never seen it so unfurled.”

~The Souls’ Chant

If you have been keeping up with the blog posts so far, you will remember a small part of my post on Adalan Eu itself, that the ‘dwindling souls of the dead remain, whispering of their want to see the world’s intelligent life reborn to cherish the world as it deserves.’  Well this sonnet is their whisper, their chant.  These souls are the souls of human life we know today.  In death, the humans of Earth realized just how much they fought against their own happiness, their nature, and pine to see this corrected through others.  (Before you start turning away saying “Oh God! Not another flowerchild hippie who wants to save the polar bears!” please see the disclaimer.)

The Souls’ Chant is a constant sound in Adalan Eu, soft and subtle.  Consider it the sound of a far-off stream in a quiet forest.  You hear it, but at the slightest other sound it is muffled out.  Now keep in mind the souls of the dead have been within the earth for millions of years at this point.  They become an atmospheric entity of the planet.  Some are so ancient and engrained in the world that they merge with the earth, creating what the Elaseim come to call the Living Stones.  The Souls’ Chant is all the souls of the earth know, and so they have no consciousness outside of the Chant.  Those souls which manage to pull away from the ‘pool’ of the Chant, merge with a single piece of earth and become Living Stones.  Although they are not ‘living creatures’, they are looked to for wisdom, especially from the Elaseim.  They also have special properties as stone (or metal).

Anyway, the Souls do not take much explaining, but their role in the world of Adalan Eu is very intense, and so I felt a small illustration was in order.  I also said in my last post that this would be your first taste of the actual story of Adalan Eu!  I will say again that these chapters will not be part of the final manuscript of the novel, but the stories they tell are all significant to the plot of the novel.

DISCLAIMER!!!! The concept of the Souls and the Souls’ Chant is NOT some call to be a tree hugger.  The point of the Souls is to connect our own life and time with that of this fantastical, futuristic world.  There are no hidden meanings behind them, and don’t try to make a discussion with me about the implications of their chant or whatever.  I am not interested.  If there is one thing that has always been a pet peeve of mine it is trying to know what the author meant.  Put your own meaning on it if you want, but don’t assume it was my intention.  Mn intentions and ‘hidden meanings’ don’t mean anything to anyone but me.  If you get it, awesome, good for you, I did my job even better than I thought.  But if you see something else, that’s awesome too.  Okay, disclaimer and rant are over.  Back to the important stuff.

And now, FINALLY, we come to the big unveiling!  I have posted my first chapter for you to view!  Right now it is on and on my other blog.  The two links are below.  I hope you enjoy and PLEASE give feedback.  Anything is welcome, critique especially.  Post comments here, on my other blog, or on  Thank you all.

deviantart link: here

blog link: here

Until next time!

~S. Virginia

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