Creator: The Sedar

As promised, this post will be an illustration of the ‘creator’ of Adalan Eu, the Sedar.

As mentioned in my Adalan Eu post, this world is merely Earth in the far future, changed into a new Pangea where we know the Pacific Ocean to be today.  So in this case, no, the Sedar is not the creator of Adalan Eu itself, but the creator of those creatures which live there.  Now this is where I could get into trouble.  The Sedar is NOT a god.  Although a creator (seemingly ageless), it is not all-knowing, all-powerful, all-anything.  The Sedar is merely an observer, a witness to the universe.  Take this narrative from the Sedar itself.

” ‘Look up at the sky, my friends.  Beyond that blue you see there is only Blackness, from which the Stars and worlds emerge and flourish and eventually fold back into, only to be reborn again.  For cycles upon cycles, too many to comprehend, have I followed the revolution of the Blackness, never knowing my own purpose in this eternal life but to watch the Blackness’ cycles come and go.  And so I found this world among the Blackness, one of the infinite past settlements of the creatures you have rightly names, the humans.  They are one of the few constants of the Blackness which always unfolds back into the world, and so in honor of their persistence I chose to take on their form as one of my own.’ “

Over eons of observation, the Sedar decides it will make its own purpose, to create new beings.  It has come to realize in its time that all the creatures and places it observed have become part of it, and in its first effort to create, it splits part of itself off, which forms into the four Elaseim mentioned in the previous post: Salocar, Veroa, Kido, and Rana. This is how all the creatures of Adalan Eu are formed.  Once the Elaseim are told their purpose and given the chance to explore their new home, the Sedar splits itself to form all the other creatures, leaving nothing of itself left.  The Sedar does not exist after the creation of the creatures of Adalan Eu.

An important note, once again referring back to the post on the Elaseim, is the discussion of humans.  The Sedar, in its travels, determines ‘constants’ of the universe, such as stars and planets and black holes and such.  A constant that intrigues the Sedar are humans.  On all the life-inhabited planets the Sedar finds, it eventually sees humans evolve into the picture.  In an effort to continue this constant directly in Adalan Eu, the Sedar gives the creatures human forms.  It considers this not only an honoring of the humans, but also a gift of knowledge to the creatures.  With both human and creature forms, the human intelligence and curiosity will be balanced by the natural instinct of the creature, creating an all over peaceful world (in theory).

That is all I will reveal about the Sedar for now.  Really there is not much else to tell that wouldn’t give something in the later storyline away.  As always, feel free to ask any questions, the more inquiry I get the more I can either feel confident or further develop the idea.


Now, on to something more simple.  I also promised last post that I would give a look into the other creatures of Adalan Eu. There are plenty of creatures that the Sedar creates, but I’m only going to give simple profiles of a few.  The Sedar essentially compiles the general makeup of certain genus, like canines compiled into the Elaseim.  So here are the other main creatures of Adalan Eu.

  • Raionas- A feline compilation creature, with the face of an ocelot, the body of a tiger/lion, and a specialized snow leopard tail.  The tail begins as a lynx, short and stubby.  As the Raiona grows, the tail grows, with a new ring each year/cycle.  In old age, their tail can be longer than their bodies.  Size: 8-8.5 feet tall on all fours, 13-14 feet long from nose to base of tail.
  • Rakas- Large bat creatures, with the ears of the brown long-eared bat, the face of a fruit bat, nose of the vampire bat, and a generalized bat body, wings and an extended tail. Size: 4-5 feet between wing tips, 2.5-3 feet from nose to tail
  • Dragons- Yes, there are dragons.  A more typical European style dragon, they live high in the mountains and use the desert once every couple hundred cycles to breed.  I consider them as a creature the Sedar would make because of their prominence throughout human history, despite the fact they never actually existed. Size: 30 feet from ground to top of head while on all fours.  55-60 feet from nose to tip of tail.
  • Socerta- There creatures are a combination of komodo dragons and horny toads.  They live in Chivan Oa (desert), burying themselves under the sands by day and hunting at night.  When the Dragons come to breed, the Socerta leave the desert, heading south to the plains to breed their own. Size: 25-28 feet from ground to top of head when on all fours.  45-50 feet from nose to tail.

Again, there are many other creatures, but these are the most prominent.  That and it’s getting late and I have a chapter to finish!  It may be a few days before another post.  Any comments or critiques are welcome on anything covered in my posts.  Thank you for reading.

~S. Virginia


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