The Elaseim: A Species Biography

DISCLAIMER:  Now I suppose disclaimers should be left until the ending, but I want this to be made clear now.  These creatures are NOT in any way inspired or related to the Twilight series.  They are also not werewolves.  End disclaimer and back to the real stuff.

This is a crash course introduction to the Elaseim, the main focus of my novel and the species of my main character, Rána (not to be confused with the Spanish for ‘frog’; I know this already and it was not intentional).  The Elaseim, as you could guess by now, is a canine creature.  To us (modern humans), it is a compilation of a maned wolf, an ethiopian wolf, and a common grey wolf; in a nutshell, they have the maned wolf mane, the ethiopian wolf body and legs, and the grey wolf head and fur.  The Elaseim stand about 9 feet tall on all fours. (Again, reference back to the disclaimer.)  Here is a small excerpt, describing their physical appearance:

“There were four Elaseim formed by the Sedar, the first to set eyes on the beauty of Adalan Eu. They were born with names in their hearts, and knew themselves and each other as if they had lived together for lifetimes. The males were Salocar and Kido, the females Veroa and Rána. They stood tall as a tree sapling, higher than any of us would ever hope to reach in size. Their bodies were strong, with four long and slender legs and great, broad paws. Their eyes were a multitude of browns and greens, which were set at the base of their thin extended muzzles, tipped with wet black noses. A caring expression always held their faces, which were framed by pointed ears that seemed almost too big for their heads. The fur which covered them was thick, a marble of blacks, greys, and golds, with a regal scruff of mane along the top and bottom of their necks.”

Note that they are mentioned as, “the first to set eyes on … Adalan Eu.”  As the first creatures created, the Elaseim are left as the mediators and protectors of Adalan Eu.  They are meant to keep order with all the other creatures, giving advice and settling disputes.  That is their purpose, and so the other creatures accept their judgement.  It is not that they are a higher being than the other creatures, but that they will have the most experience in the world from the others.  On the same note, they are also (seemingly) immortal, meaning though Elaseim have died, it has never been of old age.  This is considered by the other creatures as a gift from their creator, the Sedar, although there is no direct proof of this.

An important aspect of the Elaseim, and all the creatures of Adalan Eu, is that they have two forms: a creature form and a human form.  Now I cannot completely explain this without explaining the Sedar, the creator of these creatures, which is meant for a different post.  Suffice it to say that the Sedar holds humans in high esteem and to honor humans’ endurance and intelligence, gave the creatures of Adalan Eu a human form to balance out the natural instincts. This, again, will be looked at in more detail in the post delving into the Sedar itself.

Below you can view three images of the Elaseim. (see captions for credits) The next Elaseim novel installment will be the Sedar, with a small description of the other creatures of Adalan Eu.  Any inquiries on the Elaseim, feel free to comment.  Until next time.


Rana and Kido, drawn and colored by AddictionHalfway of

Rana, drawn by S. Virginia Gray, colored by Corey Ferrero

Rana, drawn by DawnFrost of


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