World Map: Adalan Eu

As an introduction to the chapters of my novel, I’m going to begin with the basics, starting with a map.  This map is copyright an artist I met through a forum group.  His username is coyotemax on  I sketched the basic design, but the actual illustration of the map is his doing.  You can see it below.

I believe a little description is in order, maps are never self-explanatory.

This is a ‘current story’ map of my world, Adalan Eu.  Here is an interesting little tidbit, although not a prominent part of the actual plot; the story is actually set on Earth.  This is the reformed Pangea, the remerging of the continents on the other side of the planet after millions of billions of years.  The continents we know today are completely lost in this new landmass.  Humans and all other life we know today are gone, but humans still have left their mark.  The dwindling souls of the dead remain, whispering of their want to see the world’s intelligent life reborn to cherish the world as it deserves.

They get their wish, and new life abruptly begins. (You’ll have to wait for the first chapter post to see how.)  The city which the story generally centers around, the capital if you will, is Ea Mornen in the mountain valley to the west.  Although it is labeled here as Ea Mornen, in the present of the story, it is renamed Arank.  (Again, see the chapters for details on this.)  There are many small towns and cities in the world, but none large enough to warrant labeling.

There is a very important aspect to this map and the human souls still bound to the earth, but I believe that will have wait for a new post all together.  Coming in the next few days will be the description of the souls’ impact on the creatures of the planet and some creature descriptions and illustrations.

If anyone has specific questions on the map or anything mentioned in this post, don’t hesitate to ask.  I may reveal some about the creatures or the souls and whatnot if asked.  Until next post.


Deviantart link to map (for better sizing): Adalan Eu Map by coyotemax


2 thoughts on “World Map: Adalan Eu

  1. Well if that’s the introduction, then I dare say you’re off to a fine start! Absolutely lovely map work–a very clear, crisp, and interesting creation; the fact that it’s a reinvisioning of Pangaea certainly adds another layer to the curiosity and consideration here. Lot of possibility therein. The question I would pose however is thus: if I might be so bold, might I inquire what program you used for the map’s crafting? Additionally: how long did it take you to form the picture of it in your mind, and how many drafts did you go through before settling on the final piece?

    • Thank you for the kind words! Honestly, I do not know what program was used in the final creation. As I said, the actual image you see was created by coyotemax from my original sketches. I can certainly ask him and get back to you on it though. I didn’t go through many drafts, actually. It was the landscapes that I had a hard time deciding on; the landmass itself only took a couple tries. After some research, the landscape worked out for the better though. The rivers in particular are very important to the rituals for the deceased in the story, and their positioning will cater to that idea very well. I’m hoping to get into that more in a few days.

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