The Elaseim emerging

For those who couldn’t figure this out, I am in the larval stages of novelism.  I have made a really big jump in my fantasy project.  However it has left quite a few finished chapters obsolete.  The story aspects of them are solid, but the style in which they are written must be dumped and redone.  In light of this, I am hoping to use the old chapters as a stepping stone for my novel’s future readers.  In the next few days I will be updating on here with some background information and illustrative pieces before the chapters are posted.  Critiques are more than welcome.

This story is the most dear to me, and has been developing for many years.  The more support I can get the better.  The chapters will be posted on two blogs: Virginia the Visive and Fantastical Futures in Writing.  The latter will be strictly a blog for the story while VA the V will also contain narratives, short stories, and poetry.  Again, all comments and critiques are welcome.

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