To those I’ve never met: Limericks

My great great aunt’s name was Virginia.

She caught the ’18 influenza.

She was only a teen,

she was dead at the scene,

and now it is my name, Virginia.


An eloquent man full of wisdom,

with some wit, lots of laughs and then some.

From students, brains he requires,

through his slam he inspires.

Taylor Mali, slam poet of the millenium.


A hilarious man they call Fluffy

makes me laugh about donuts and hoochies.

With a big SUV

and a show on TV

and a white girl voice, DAMN! is that funny!



~Just some little limericks off the cuff, dedicated to a few people I’ve never met but that really have done something to my personality, whether for good or ill, who cares.  They have helped make me into the person I am, going from most influential to not-as-influential-but-still-pretty-high-up-there.  Enjoy and, for the love of whoever Pete is, critique please.



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