A Couple Sonnets

This is not my betta, but it's basically what he looked like.

Sorry for the haitus, everyone.  There’s been a lot going on with me lately.  Here are two sonnets I wrote for class.  The first will be part of a big project I’m working on.  The second is dedicated to my third betta fish who died this morning.  He, like my first betta, was one-of-a-kind in personality and I hope to get another in the near future.  Anyway, let me know what you think of the poems.


It is not to dust that we are returning,

but to waters rushing and earthen stone.

And we will remain in a comfort, longing

for another creature to call this place home;

to wander the fields and bask in golden,

summer days; to rush beneath spread leaves, finding

shelter from the coming rains.  Snow laden

forests and vast deserts have been waiting,

pining for the feel of footsteps once again.

The call of the world has become our own

as we have become the voice of its pain.

Please hear us and make us less alone.

For we are the creatures who roamed this land,

and held the delusion we could possess

the heart of this world; we’ve learned that we can’t.

And now we are one with the rivers and grass.

Come, live, and love this beauty of a world

as we had never seen it so unfurled.


Your signature is beauty, a blend of

blues, reds, and greens intoxicates the sight,

gives such an aire of elegance, a suave

not expected of a great fighter

such as yourself.  Your face is your weapon;

flaring gills and a mean bite send rivals

running… well, swimming to their secret havens.

Battles are not issues of survival

for you, but codes of communication.

But your voice is beginning to fade with

the reds and blues and greens. Your conviction

to stay afloat is sinking, along with

your determined warrior will I’ve come

to know and love.  Oh my betta, this looks

to be the end.  You have been overcome

by the tick-tock, the submerged clock of time.

Your bathroom funeral is a sad outcry

against your life, my little samuri.


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