Simba’s Praise Song

It has never felt wrong

to hold you to my bare chest,

let your limp limbs settle

around my collar bone,

soft and constant.

The cold touch of your eyes

has never startled me awake,

although the tickle of your tail

may fuss my sleeping

from time to time.


I remember a time before you,

full of mermaids, songs and shiny things.

But those times passed,

just as your time is beginning to crawl,

and you have made me into

the person in the mirror.


Heroes to worlds beyond the skin and bone,

we cannot have the greatness we once claimed.

Here that doesn’t matter.

High tides are coming in fast.

My nerves no longer trust

the lessons we learned together;

fighting off dragons, conquering oppressive empires.

They are yellow floaties,

now too small to hold my head high.


But there are new arms held close

around my neck, so bare.

They lift me afloat,

whisper how to kick and bob with the tides.

The imaginary shores of victory

known only to you and me

begin to fade behind.

Solid islands loom across the blue horizon.


Do not think that I would leave you.

The tragedy would be too much to bare.

It is my turn, my old friend,

my new love and guide beside me,

to carry you along the journey

of my life;

to keep your stitching taut

and your fur cloth clean and fuzzy.


We have not grown apart, we are

merely a less frequent thing.

For you know my love for you

has crossed all borders,

and will not be shaken by real world threats.

And you will always watch out for me

with unblinking eyes,

unalterable resolve on your face,

and a hidden mane of memories,

never to be left behind.



Just in case anyone was wondering, yes this is a praise song to my stuffed Simba toy from when I was a kid, which I still have.  Watching Toy Story 3 will do this to anyone.


One thought on “Simba’s Praise Song

  1. I like it, and you’ll probably hate me for this, but see

    Also, I think you might have meant “too much to bear” not “bare”.

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