Praise Song to a Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna

O, Commander of the Vocal Range,

Conductor of the Verbal Orchestra!

You referee the clashing minds

that cycle ’round and ’round your own.

The tough yet soft-hearted alchemist,

the psychotic Saiyan warrior and his

one-name Vocabulary of Vengeance.

With a subtle, inspiring chord

your own melodic voice sings through

to soothe their souls to silence

for a time.

At least until the next contract.


You have made a profitable art

from schizophrenia.

Your voices are known

across the world,

idolized and honored

by the anime masses.

They shout your name among the greatest,

reverently listing your incarnations.

And yet they set aside your image, your smile;

a face to compete with

Neil Patrick Harris and Johnny Depp.

Your songs put all the pop stars to shame,

the immense talent could set Justin Bieber aflame.


So let the greatness flow

Vic the Victor!

Mignogna the Magnificent!

Let all your talents shine

and always remember the greatness that you are.



To those of you who have no idea who this is about, here’s a profile on Vic Mignogna, as well as his voiceover listing.  He is an amazing person and a very talented actor and singer.  Check out his music and take a look at some of the dub work he has done if you never have.


One thought on “Praise Song to a Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna

  1. I like it. Some suggestions:
    – Simplify the title to something like “Praise of Voices” (play on “Voices of Praise”).
    – Find a way to work in (vocal) “cords” along with “chords”.
    – Is “profitable” important? Maybe “precious” instead?
    – The “competitors” shouldn’t get more emphasis than your main subject; drop their first names and just use Harris, Depp, and Bieber.

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