A Ghazal to Boromir

He deserved  place of honor

in a time and realm where honor had lost its place.


Beyond our sight and across the worlds

somewhere along the shifting tides honor


waits for him.  He has left us,

feeling that he has nothing, no honor to call his own.


But that is all which has preceded him,

the honor his forefathers had foresaken.


He has restored it to those not deserving,

and gained selflessly all the more honor from the people’s hearts.


May the meadows be light against his feet,

the virgin sands and gray-silver shores call him home.


And may he be blessed with the honor he never knew;

for us his honor will always be known.


One thought on “A Ghazal to Boromir

  1. You could occasionally use “honor” as a verb instead of always as a noun. In the next-to-last stanza, for instance, you might say:
    May the meadows honor his step, ….
    (That stanza needs “honor” in it somewhere anyway, doesn’t it?)

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