Huzzah!: A Ghazal

In Japan is is Kia!, in India Om resounds, and in the West there was huzzah.

The translation of hope and victory, huzzah. Huzzah!

The trees are thick with changing leaves of yellow and orange and red Indians.

Custer rallies his men, assuring them this will surely not be their final huzzah.

Lakes of blood flow out along the ocean, encompassing face-down island bodies.

A path follows the cross-bone mast.  The gold is ours, mates!  ‘Tis ours, huzzah!

Anxious feet tap against scuffed tiled floors in rhythm to the ticking of the classroom clock.

Bells shatter focus, leaving a chaotic clash of screeching chairs, the rejoicing of summer. Huzzah!

Walls fill to bursting with teenage sweat and symphonies,

the last chapter of success and the music’s lasting huzzah.

For Rome it was Romulus, the fall of Socrates brought the end of Greece.

Who will be there to claim our end?  America’s last huzzah.


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