Elegy to Dick Winters

I picture shattered buildings

strewn at your feet.

Your helmet set cockeyed,

heavy breath in the heat.

A scattered group follows you,

bloodied and limping,

stumbling, broken and beat.

I picture young faces

eager to learn.

They look toward you in awe,

your lessons to learn.

You try to convince them,

but they won’t understand

what you mean when you say it’s their turn.

I picture acres on acres

stretched out before your door.

You call it your own,

you have all you need and more.

Your promise is kept,

the peace in this world

you promised yourself to the Lord.

I picture your bed

as you lay down to sleep.

You think to yourself,

“This is my final leap.”

A hero has past

like so many before.

Your memories my treasure to keep.


2 thoughts on “Elegy to Dick Winters

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