An Aubaude or two

To a Stranger

Thanks for the great night.

I think it’s time I moved on.

That’s not my number.


Training Partner

We are as animals.

We do not need goodbyes.

Our paths have come to a


that will not be avoided.

We are as animals.

We accept the parting of


Things this perfect never last forever.

But you are not an animal.

This is a goodbye

of a nature you have never


You realize I am the key to the door of who you once were.

I am such an animal.

This is a goodbye

I have become ashamedly

accustomed to.

Neither of us can utter it.

For so long the misconception

has lingered around us;

that what we have is


But that is not strong enough

a word to say what we have.

Our far-too prolonged stare

is friendship.

It does not cut off,

even after I have wandered down the road,

leaving you standing as a tree,

the last leaf of the falling blowing


The last ties broken without a sound.

This is our goodbye.

not giving each other the chance

to acknowledge that this might be

the end.

As long as we live as we did together,

we know it won’t be the true end.

And so you don’t argue for me to stay.

I do not ask for your company one this


We will live by our code, and that will keep us


It’s only worth fighting for

if it’s worth dying for.


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