Letting go of a friend.

I had three poems due for class tomorrow morning: two Ars Poetica and a “found” poem.  Since you’ve seen the other two, I’m sure you can deduce which one this one is.  It started pretty simply.  Find a line or lines from another poem and in some way formulate your own around it.  I’m not much for these poems, but I finally thought of an idea.  I’ve been fooling with haikus a lot lately (as you’ve seen) and I realized that the chorus of my favorite song from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog has five syllables per line.  Perfect to start a haiku series!  In the end, however, it seems that this turned into a tribute of sorts to my grandfather, as the more I wrote the more I thought of the final moments I ever saw him.  So this is my final farewell to him as well as my project.


It’s a brand new day,

green buds tremble in the wind.

Azure, cloudless skies,

And the sun is high.

Glimmers reflect in my eyes

from polished headstones.

All the Angels sing

through the choir of strange voices.

No one would have said

That you’re gonna die.

Friends observed like passers’ by

and now here we are.

How I hesitate,

insignificant roses

wrapped in white knuckles.

Now I wonder why

I wanted you to be sad

at the viewing too.

It’s a brand new day,

your steps in the sand swept clean.

Need a cigarette.

A disclaimer:  To those of you who have not seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON THE GREATEST MUSICAL EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For reference, here in the link to the song I used for this haiku series, called Brand New Day.  All credit for the first lines of each of these haikus goes to Joss Whedon, writer of the original lyrics.  May I also add that I did move things around a little bit between the first and second version of the chorus, as well as changed the tense of “hesitate”.  That was intentional.

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