“We are becoming a nation of ______.”

…becoming?  Aren’t we already there?

I see the word ‘wussies’ in Rendell’s quote with a blank underneath.  We have been known as a nation of heroes, of courage, of greatness, hope, of a better future.  But now the blank is filled with language like politicians, critics,  saps, schemers, weakness, greed, envy, sloth, spineless morons, blamers.  This last is what holds us back; although we live in our future and must be content with our present, we do nothing but put blame on our past.  We cannot confront the idea that it is us, the iconic, media-glorified ‘best’ of us, who are truly to blame, and we have allowed it to be so.  We are wussies, spineless, weak, unable to stand and take it for our own mistakes.  We were once known as heroes, and back then we were.  And as the years come and go, pieces of that world we had fall behind us without a second glance.

Almost three weeks ago we lost an icon of that heroism.  Five days later I discovered that loss through a Facebook post of an article run by NPR.  I found a newspaper to find out more.  I searched for over an hour for the name Dick Winters and found nothing.  Finally the next day I found something.  And article from his hometown of Hershey, PA.  It was on page ten, only eight lines.  A man who was a hero, and who “served in a company of heroes,” lost on page ten.  What held the eye of the people?  What did they read and brood over from that piles of paper?  The bi-annual shooting and who was to blame.

We emphasize that which makes our world crumble and urge it forward to push us off the edge all the faster instead of striving for the honor which we once held thanks to men like Major Dick Winters.  We hide behind the pain of today because we can’t bare the idea that we are not the heroes we were.  We glorify war without giving praise to those who fight it, we criticize pain and suffering without lifting our finger to stop it.  What do you call such a person who crouches behind the thing that blocks the truth?  I’d call that a wussy.


One thought on ““We are becoming a nation of ______.”

  1. I really like your non-fiction stuff! Haha, I like “alot” of your stuff, but the rest I want to further comment on via email. This piece and the Tucson piece though, I have no real comments on other than I really enjoyed reading them. You do something more important in your non-fiction than seeking answers; you pose great questions.

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