Why is this such a big deal?  National media coverage for days and weeks on a shooting?  The President at the funeral and ceremony of the 9-year-old caught in the crossfire?  Why?

Almost a week after the tragedy in Tucson I heard about the chief judge (who’s name I heard once) who was killed during the attack.  All I hear about before and since is on the targeted US Representative and 9-year-old girl.  But there are shootings every day, all across the country.  Why is this so different?  The target?  That just spurs on more political babble that will get everyone nowhere.  The shooter?  There are hundreds, thousands of critically unstable people in our country roaming the streets, killing animals and people with no possibility of help and a future of prison.  The child?  There are children thieving, developing drug addictions, being abused, going missing, starving in America every day.  So why is it that these things coming together in one incident so much more tragic and interesting to the American people than they are set apart?

I have seen articles on the importance of censoring political rhetoric, the need to help those with mental illnesses in places they will be treated one-on-one, the need to capture psychopaths before they finally break, the sorrow of family loss.  But have we learned?  Will we change?  Tell me this.  Did we change after Virginia Tech?  Did we change after Columbine?  Did we change after University of Texas?  If we couldn’t learn enough to be ready for those tragedies, how will we learn from this one?


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