The poem speaks

Here is Ars Poetica number 2.  I think this one might start on the last line, so there will probably be a new version of this in the not-too-distant future.

The Poem Speaks

What makes you think I need

rhyme and rhythm

to make my point?

You act as if

speaking in verse

or pantameter

is required of me.

As if,

should you roam outside

the form,

I will no longer be


Well, I have news for


though some of you may not want to

hear it.

I don’t need to have

specific syllable lines

to be what I am.

My lines

don’t have to rhyme

in time

with the movements of your jive

to make me memorable.

You need not know

the intricacies of

every form of my nature.

And you most certainly are not

required to be the only one who

understands me.

I can be rhyme,

and rhythm,

and pantameter,

and meaning.

But underneath it all,

I am me.

I am you.

I am simply



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