Treasures of the Fridge

Lately my mind has been wandering to the world of haiku thanks to my Pootry class.  During Literary Publication yesterday I found myself creating a haiku around a line from Spongebob.  As I jotted down the 5-7-5, we were discussing the concept of Electronic Literature and the idea of the Twitter Story.  My haiku inspired such a story, but since I have no Twitter account and have no desire to create one, I figured I would share on here.



I have come upon

blue applesauce in the fridge.

Pause before the trash.



Scrubbing the fridge is such a bore chore.  Until you find the treasure; radioactive poison treasure.  I catch myself in paused contemplation, dreaming of birds dropping off the trees in summer, succumbing to the spores of the blue applesauce.  I let the death and power fall to the big black bag and turn back.  The gaping shine of the fridge stares me down.  Take a deep breath, the sauce has left behind its stink.


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