Welcome to my worlds

Cliche, I know, but what can I say?  There is no better word than welcome to invite you into this world of words spewing from my cranium out my fingertips, and that endeavor cannot be called anything but a world in itself.  So at least this cliche is true.

You will find many realms covered in this cascade of typed verbiage, many of it spur of the moment ideas, concepts, perhaps a call for help or a scream for air in a suffocating world.  Some days I may speak of the world you know, some days you will be called to dive into my own dimensions, old and new.  All I ask is for honesty.  The hub of humanity begins with truth, pure and simple, and just as I will ask it of you, I expect you to want nothing less from me.  So strap in, saddle up, however you want to mount this mental vehicle, and enjoy the ride.

*Insert your thought here*

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