A poetic moment

So I am working on an Ars Poetica for my poetry course and this is what I came up with as a start.  I’m not one to put my ideas out bluntly in creative writing, I figure you get spoon fed enough in this world, I’m going to make you work for this.  Love it, hate it, use it for your cat’s toilet paper, just let me know what it is you see in this piece so I can delve into new possibilities.


A guitar string breaks down the hall,

muffled by the crying baby next door

as a window drops two floors under,

trailing swears out to the sidewalk.

It breaks in time with my finger

sliding the switch to OFF

as I gently pat the frizzle of my

static stricken hair.

My pats move in rhyme

to the baby’s cries

and the slamming of the complex doors.

And I hear music,

crashing and inharmonic,

as I’ve never heard before.


*Insert your thought here*

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